875, Pearl Harbor, Zionists, leaders, Freemasonry, Cremation, Care, Ritual at Bohemian Grove

China .. all nations: that: have been: to be destroyed: by the Illuminati have had the illusion: the presumption: to achieve: a high: rapid and successful economic and military .. In fact, before you destroy the enemy? He must be blind: about the real forces: in the field: after you have planned: and induced: and suffer: the attack on Pearl … Continua a leggere

714, power to Satan, islam, Zionists, Nazism, Communism, two evil idioligies,

YouTube Rewind 2012 1_15.[] 08/19/2013, [[ EGYPT, Muslim Brotherhood, islamists terrorists, violence, against, Christians and opponents.. schiaccia il serpente alla testa: schiaccia: i farisei FMI, 666, e i loro salafiti Sharia — Several amateur videos show Islamists clash with police using guns, rifles, and rocket-propelled grenades. Some videos also show summary executions of army and police officers. A nun in … Continua a leggere