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LaVeraDottrina — sorry: you would have: The grace to work with me: at the biography: of our: holy Pope Pius XII: after having saved the lives of 500,000 Jews?, was: even slandered by Zionists of the IMF? that it is precisely because of them that: there was: the first second: World War! Nazism would never have existed, if it had … Continua a leggere

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CIA DATAGATE, UE, ONU, 187AUDIOHOSTEM 3 hours ago YOU’RE JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHERS! – ANSWER – GREEDY! you do not have the money sufficient from, Rothschild? if you want money from me? you have to suck all the bones of the cemetery –ANSWER — AVIDO! non ti sono suffienti i soldi di Rothschild? se vuoi i soldi da me? … Continua a leggere


 HellxDesPairTruction   .♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. ♰. ] Ich Unius REI König von Israel: für Reich Palästina: shalom + salam. Ich bestelle: für alle Völker und alle Regierungen, in allen Institutionen und allen Religionen und allen Nationen, zu mir zu kommen: Unius REI: schnell, und lassen Sie nur: in der Ecke: von der Wand: der IWF 666. mein politisches Projekt der universellen Brüderlichkeit … Continua a leggere