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Kakam Illuminati: the rabbis: of the IMF- New World Order: After the death of Joshua?: You have taken control: because: when Moses lived: you have sworn for do a secret association: this is how you have been plotting against the people! here is: why God wanted to destroy: all Israel, because of you .. but the will of God has … Continua a leggere

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@youtube — after closing: of my: “uniusrei2”: and: “lorenzoscarola”: for trivial reasons? now, you’ve decided to: closing: also “SatanQueenFagot” .. and why? If sharia: has exterminating: all Christians: in all the Muslim nations? this: is not against: the rules of the community? and, if there were: of the rules: of the community? you are only: a piece: of a beast: … Continua a leggere