870, 158, Pharisees, Anglo-Americans, given a body, biologically modified, GMO, DATAGATe, AI, alien intelligence,

YouTube Rewind 2012 @ Saudi Arabia – friend, I’m sorry, you have revealed your conspiracy to destroy Israel, and to have it destroyed, your: program, Iran’s nuclear .. but, too many people are killed, every day, only, to make you see, that, you are enemies? this is a real “thin” cruelty, worthy of the most refined, Satanists, who have no … Continua a leggere

831, aliens, sons, Pharisees, IMF, satan synagogue, voodoo, Kabbah, 666, magic, OGM

aliens, are the sons of the Pharisees IMF satan synagogue.. — is demons from voodoo Kabbah 666 magic (OGM): from IMF Rochefeller, in 1220 after Christ.. humanum genus ♰ C SPB CSSMLNDSMD VRS N SMV S MQLIV B ♰ Unius REI.. aliens abductions: is agenda: IMF 666 Enlightened GOLEM jewish Illuminati by Lucifer– for slavery all Peoples into world, ARCANGEL … Continua a leggere

823, Pharisees, nazi, IMF-NWO, Islamists, nazi, sharia, Worldwide Caliphate

immortal and: divine: UNIUs: REI: vs: Pharisees: nazi: IMF-NWO, and, his: Islamists: for nazi: sharia, ie: Worldwide: Caliphate: we: want to see: how it ends: this: story of shit?] [ how: the: Arab League: decided: to suffocate: all peoples, through, Nazism of its: sharia]. For Muhammad: Ridwan, head: of the: Bireuen Legislative: Council, the: draft bill (qanun or local law … Continua a leggere

815, betray, all peoples, to make the plot, Pharisees, destroy Israel

Stop, to betray, all peoples, to make the plot, of the Pharisees! because their agenda: World War III, is to destroy Israel! ] M5S procession leaves the House, shouting: ‘Rodota” (which is an honest man of the left): all in procession to the center of Rome, waiting for arrival Grillo. 20 April, To the cry of” Rodota ‘,” Rodota (but, … Continua a leggere

795, Pharisees, Wicked Tenants, masonic system, IMF, political Kingdom, of JHWH

only, the Pharisees are the Wicked Tenants: masonic system IMF: against: political Kingdom of JHWH] But, Pharisees were afraid of the crowd (of my brothers Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel)]]; 9. “What then will the owner (JHWH) of the vineyard do? He will come and kill, those tenants, and, give the vineyard to others (Unius REI). 10. Haven’t you read … Continua a leggere

744, Satanists, Pharisees, Rabbis, IMF, CIA, MOSSAD, USA, GB, Pharisees, Anglo-American, NWO, IMF

@youtube — after closing: of my: “uniusrei2”: and: “lorenzoscarola”: for trivial reasons? now, you’ve decided to: closing: also “SatanQueenFagot” .. and why? If sharia: has exterminating: all Christians: in all the Muslim nations? this: is not against: the rules of the community? and, if there were: of the rules: of the community? you are only: a piece: of a beast: … Continua a leggere

730, YHWH, alien abduction, demonic, Pharisees, kabbalah, agenda, IMF-NWO, lobby, Jewish, Masonic, Illuminati, Pharisees,

theyearinreview YouTube Rewind 2012 international institutional satanist, CIA IMF-NWO, of masonic system, for agenda Talmud Kabbalah, of: Rothschild: pharisees, Banking Seigniorage, Bildenberg, and all his: occult power, ie, German cannibal, of: Merkel: ie, “” IIlIIlllI “” said: “YHWH alien abduction”, but, he the coward, has erased his comment, indeed, lorenzoALLAH published comment: response to him, 18 hours ago .. ” … Continua a leggere

729, Benjamin Netanyahu, project, PHARISEES, wealth, materials, power, human, earthly, Paesi arabi del Golfo, legati all’Arabia Saudita,

257_282.[ @Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, OF PHARISEES]. already, more: it counts for these evil beings: they are, the, wealth, materials, power, human, earthly glory. [11]. The Adversary them satisfied, but, he demanded, in return, something very precious: the blood of the innocent. The Pharisee of. today, like, what, yesterday, it is believed, a being, enlightened, and, like, that, thinks, superior … Continua a leggere

587, criminal, Saudi Arabia, imperialism, Bildenberg IMF, SpA,Pharisees, Illuminati, 666, Pope

08/15/2013.” The Church and every Christian struggle daily against “the forces of evil.” May “Mary accompany us, fight with us, and sustain Christians in the struggle against the forces of evil.” Castel Gandolfo (AsiaNews) – “Let us pray together for peace, dialogue and reconciliation in that dear nation and throughout the world,” Pope Francis said as he spoke in Castel … Continua a leggere

weapons, Pharisees, Salafis, are religious maniacs,

EU – this is the proof! Jews can not survive in Palestine] CAIRO, August 14 – The protesters pro-Morsi, died in the operation of the security forces, in Cairo, are more than 100. said: the Muslim Brotherhood. A statement, the Interior Ministry reports that, during the evacuation of the streets, the protesters opened fire against the police, and were killed, … Continua a leggere