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187audiohostem said: [the enemy is everywhere] –ANSWER — Questo, tutti lo possono vedere, e, tutti lo possono capire! .. satana un idiota! –ANSWER — La forza di satana, e dei nemici di: Unius REI è la menzogna.. ecco perché, Unius REI non avrà, mai nessun problema, contro, i suoi nemici, infatti: nessuno può impugnare una calunnia, contro, Unius REI.. io … Continua a leggere

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masonic occult power system against IMF] P. Pio says, “How unfortunate brothers: not: they Correspond to the love of Jesus with: jump with open arms in the infamous sect of Freemasonry!” Because, for all my enemies, end in tragedy? for the same reason, I know, When the demons see me, I know, as, them, see, i see myself? they are … Continua a leggere

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HWH1OsannaUniusRei 42 minutes ago CIA Ihanewlayout @ 666 IMF FED ECB, cannibal crazy voodoo shit 322 — NWO pharisees Bildenberg accomplice Salafis, masonic system DataGate “big brother”, to occult power, agenda aliens abductions, etc.. .. etc.. .. begone satan. in Jesus’s name! amen, hallelujah – get out of a stupid criminal … nobody, wants something here, never more by you, … Continua a leggere