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China .. all nations: that: have been: to be destroyed: by the Illuminati have had the illusion: the presumption: to achieve: a high: rapid and successful economic and military .. In fact, before you destroy the enemy? He must be blind: about the real forces: in the field: after you have planned: and induced: and suffer: the attack on Pearl … Continua a leggere

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YouTube Rewind 2012 @ all the damned souls, and all the demons of hell — by chance, is there between, you, someone else, who does not want to be disintegrated, in the Day of Judgement? okay. then, 1. the time has come to do the good guys! 2. and to be totally at the service of Unius REI kingdom @a … Continua a leggere

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YouTube Rewind 2012 allDavidDuke 2 secondi fa [FELICITÀ! finalmente FINIRÀ, la superstizione comunista contro, i cristiani, in realtà, non ci può essere monarchia, senza, cristianesimo!] 08/17/2013, NORTH KOREA, From Republic to Monarchy, Pyongyang ‘will be governed only by Kim’. [ALLELUIA!] North Korea’s Parliament passes a constitutional amendment that identifies the country’s government with the ruling family, attacks the “bourgeois who … Continua a leggere