Kingdom of Palestine

IsraelNationalTV – are much folklore. and very nice lol. all these Jews lol. in their historic and picturesque in their costumes ancient! joke. lol.! Now I speak seriously have suffered for too long all these good guys because of the lack of a homeland why they feel the need to dress with clothes from the past but to give peace … Continua a leggere

685, Franciscans, beheaded, al Nusra Front, kingdom of Palestine,

YouTube Rewind 2012 @my JHWH — lol. litigare contro di me? lol. è vero: “nessuno oserebbe!” lol. UniusReiOrWarW666IMF UniusReiOrWarW666IMF 31 minutes ago ♰ 666 @ Google, Youtube — > alleluia, or your Rei Unius. ♥ hallelujah. King of Israel lorenzoJHWH, king Palestine lorenzoALLAH! [Psalm 150] MUSIC [1] Alleluia. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his … Continua a leggere

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@king Saudi Arabia — the Kingdom of Palestine:is the entire Middle East, too: is all the Arab League, that is, a confederation of nations! the destruction of the Sharia does not mean opening a glimmer of immorality or anarchy, because I am always a biblical fundamentalist, but, it is essential, inevitable that theology must be more advanced in all religions, … Continua a leggere

kingdom of Palestine

sharia NAZI. [MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. [PAX ♰ AMEN ♰] MANE THECEL PHARES. drink your poison, made by yourself, alleluia. amen. Rei Unius Re di Israele. [i am kingdom of Palestine] However, someone has to set an example of love: at the above any consideration! free of charge: and impartial! well, this is a prophetic sign of love: unius REI! Now … Continua a leggere