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immortal and: divine: UNIUs: REI: vs: Pharisees: nazi: IMF-NWO, and, his: Islamists: for nazi: sharia, ie: Worldwide: Caliphate: we: want to see: how it ends: this: story of shit?] [ how: the: Arab League: decided: to suffocate: all peoples, through, Nazism of its: sharia]. For Muhammad: Ridwan, head: of the: Bireuen Legislative: Council, the: draft bill (qanun or local law … Continua a leggere

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theyearinreview YouTube Rewind 2012 international institutional satanist, CIA IMF-NWO, of masonic system, for agenda Talmud Kabbalah, of: Rothschild: pharisees, Banking Seigniorage, Bildenberg, and all his: occult power, ie, German cannibal, of: Merkel: ie, “” IIlIIlllI “” said: “YHWH alien abduction”, but, he the coward, has erased his comment, indeed, lorenzoALLAH published comment: response to him, 18 hours ago .. ” … Continua a leggere

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@OBAMA 322 — What is your role, Freemasonry in IMF-NWO, to push: the Islamization throughout the Arab League?, like, you decided to destroy Israel, and the whole human race, in World War? What, you’re blowing, on these religious maniacs of sharia, to ruin the whole world?] 06/04/2013 TURKEY. Strikes and demonstrations continue. Erdogan: This is not the Turkish Spring. Death … Continua a leggere

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L’islam che obbliga le bambine di 8 anni a sposarsi è una religione che calpesta la dignità umana e la decenza di Silvana De Mari 11/08/2013 11:42:44 L’islam che obbliga le bambine di 8 anni a sposarsi è una religione che calpesta la dignità umana e la decenza Ripensiamo tutti a cosa abbiamo mangiato ieri sera, pensiamo proprio al pasto … Continua a leggere

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187AUDIOHOSTEM has posted a comment 3 hours ago Report spam [I’m So Intelligent] – ANSWER – I never said, to be smart .. is because, every good thing: it can only be a gift from God! in fact every man can boast only: for their sins! –ANSWER — io non ho mai detto: di essere intelligente.. perché, ogni cosa buona: … Continua a leggere

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Je suis unius REI [Nombres 14:18] «L’Éternel est lent à la colère et riche en bonté, il pardonne l’iniquité et la transgression, mais il ne sera en aucun cas effacer le coupable, qui punis l’iniquité des pères sur les enfants, à l’troisième et la quatrième génération. [[Exode 20:05– Tu ne te prosterneras point devant elles ou les servir, car je … Continua a leggere