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China .. all nations: that: have been: to be destroyed: by the Illuminati have had the illusion: the presumption: to achieve: a high: rapid and successful economic and military .. In fact, before you destroy the enemy? He must be blind: about the real forces: in the field: after you have planned: and induced: and suffer: the attack on Pearl … Continua a leggere

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YouTube Rewind 2012 drinkypoisonjhwhwins . []blogspot su questo sito non riesco più a lavorare, perché, è stato bloccato, forse google sta facendo una verifica, circa, la mia denuncia, ma, questa è la verità, io ho già cancellato gli articoli multipli drinkYpoisonJHWHwins drinkYpoisonJHWHwins 42 minuti fa 08/20/2013. JORDAN. Jordan to quench thirst with Red Sea-Dead Sea pipeline Jordan’s ambitious plan intends … Continua a leggere

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@OBAMA 322 — What is your role, Freemasonry in IMF-NWO, to push: the Islamization throughout the Arab League?, like, you decided to destroy Israel, and the whole human race, in World War? What, you’re blowing, on these religious maniacs of sharia, to ruin the whole world?] 06/04/2013 TURKEY. Strikes and demonstrations continue. Erdogan: This is not the Turkish Spring. Death … Continua a leggere

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KingxKingdom2 3 hours ago 14 August, 23:19. Egypt, The death toll in clashes in Egypt has risen to 278 people, including 43 policemen. This was announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Health. – ANSWER – 43 policemen DEAD? this is evident, is been done: fire on police with machine guns, and the police are forced to return fire! The coup … Continua a leggere


mrUniversalMetaphysc [destroyed this site (years of work) with three penalties, in a single day (only, all slander), only because, I said, and I have also demonstrated through the Satanists of this page, which is google youtube, is 666 DataGate]@strangeventswatcher — You know very well what is the bank seigniorage! You know better than anyone else, that, without: Nuclear World War … Continua a leggere