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Islamists, all the shit of Satan, U.S., EU, UN, Spa, Emma Bonino, Bildenberg, banking powers occult and Masonic, Spa, IMF, Pharisees Anglo-American FED, ECB, —- so, you want to pass, Egypt like a sack of potatoes, 1. from the pan (Masonic and satanic powers occult, banking seignirge, of the IMF, EU, ​​USA, the great Satan, god owl at Bohemian Grove), … Continua a leggere

784, asesinos, las bestias satánicas, FMI, FED, BCE, para destruir a Israel, Christian organizations

08/17/2013 EGYPT – ISLAM. Cairo, hundreds of Islamists barricaded in mosque. More attacks on churches and Christian buildings. The Army is negotiating with the protesters to clear the building. Yesterday, more than 1,000 Islamists were arrested. Blood bank torched; protesters shot at firemen. Christian organizations draw up a list of churches attacked yesterday. Hamas and Iran defend Muslim Brotherhood. The … Continua a leggere

783, Убийцы, сатанинские, звери, МВФ, FED, ЕЦБ, Egitto, in piazza a rabat,

Egitto, in piazza a rabat, per Fratelli, In 10.000, chiedono, espulsione ambasciatore Egitto 18 agosto, 15:23, Egitto: in piazza a rabat per Fratelli, Circa 10.000 persone, sono scese in piazza, oggi a Rabat per denunciare ”la repressione dell’esercito egiziano” e per chiedere l’espulsione dell’ambasciatore dell’Egitto in Marocco. La folla imponente, in maggioranza uomini, ma, anche famiglie giunte da tutto il … Continua a leggere

782, killers, szatańskie bestie, MFW, FED, EBC, zniszczenia Izraela, libico Mohammed, Khalifa al-Sheikh,

Libia: si dimette ministro Interno, TRIPOLI, 18 AGOsto – Il ministro dell’interno libico Mohammed Khalifa al-Sheikh, ha presentato le sue dimissioni oggi in polemica, con il primo ministro, Ali Zeidan.. Al-Sharif al-Wafi, membro del Congresso nazionale generale libico ha precisato, che, Sheikh, ex colonnello della polizia di Tripoli, ha presentato le sue dimissioni al governo, e al parlamento per protestare, … Continua a leggere

781, Siekta qattiela, beasts satanic, IMF, FED, BĊE, għal jeqirdu l-Iżrael, musulmano bianco, omofobo,

Abu jihad Antar Shria — smettila cretino, lo sappiamo tutti, che, tu sei un musulmano bianco, omofobo, e alquanto kkk lorenzoALLAH lorenzoALLAH 3 giorni fa Napolitano, Europa sia unita o rischia.. Europa rischia di perdere peso, di avere voce flebile 18 agosto, 16:49. Napolitano, Europa sia unita o rischia. ROMA, ”Oggi non c’è più bisogno dell’Europa per garantire la pace … Continua a leggere

767, satanischen,Tiere, IWF, FED, EZB, für Israel zerstören, EGYPT, Bishop of Andropoli

08/20/2013 . [[EGYPT, Bishop of Andropoli: Christians and Muslims united to save Egypt from Islamists. U.S. and European Union do not want to see the reality, but only what’s important to them, giving credence to lies and trampling on the aspirations of the Egyptian people.]] For Msgr. Golta, Catholic Coptic Auxiliary bishop of Alexandria, the United States and the European … Continua a leggere

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only JHWH, is holy! King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and I am his Unius REI… blessings too shalom++salam= love –> offline HellxDesPairTruction HellxDesPairTruction 23 ore fa @google 666 blogspot — ok! io non ho cancellato, e non ho modificato, i documenti multipli, in hellxdespairxdestruction [.] blogspot (. ) it/ e poiché, io ho la ADSL, troppo lenta, preferisco andare … Continua a leggere

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[[ Moscow: allegations on chemical weapons use by Syrian government an act of deception — Aug 21, 2013. Moscow, (SANA) – Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that the allegations of chemical weapons use by the Syrian authorities in Damascus countryside maybe an act of deception that was prepared for in advance. The Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson, Alexander Lukashevich, said, “Biased regional media … Continua a leggere

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silent! killers: satanic beasts of IMF FED ECB: for destroy Israel! talking science, of: prof. Giacinto Auriti] Marco Saba: Italy: DI PIETRO ask the gov about seigniorage fraud. Posted By: watcher51445 [Send E-Mail] Date: Sunday, 5-Jun-2011 12:40:14 VKD: This is involved with this FINANCIAL FRAUDS not SENIOR CITIZENS] [10:10:06 AM] Marco Saba: Italy: DI PIETRO ask to the gov about … Continua a leggere

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YouTube Rewind 2012 @ all the damned souls, and all the demons of hell — by chance, is there between, you, someone else, who does not want to be disintegrated, in the Day of Judgement? okay. then, 1. the time has come to do the good guys! 2. and to be totally at the service of Unius REI kingdom @a … Continua a leggere