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time of the dictators is over, because the time is over of the slaves .. so the responsibility for power is to be shared .. according to a principle of fairness: because every man is like any other man .. In fact we are not racist as the Sharia, or as enlightened Zionists.. in reality? I do not need to … Continua a leggere

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on his SITE: criminal and codard:”TwestyLetras1025″ said: your blood stain your universe, your God will be seen as your enemy in your life miserable just be a kingdom, the Antichrist –ANSWER-BY his SITE—>Your silence condemns the whole satanism: that is bad: as all the our politics! God gave you freedom: God respects your freedom, until the Day of Judgement: your … Continua a leggere

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YouTube Rewind 2012 @ all the damned souls, and all the demons of hell — by chance, is there between, you, someone else, who does not want to be disintegrated, in the Day of Judgement? okay. then, 1. the time has come to do the good guys! 2. and to be totally at the service of Unius REI kingdom @a … Continua a leggere

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tutti gli islamisti, possono avere, 3000, sigle diverse, ma, sono un solo imperialismo sharia, per uccidere dhimmi, cioè, Al Quaeda, cioè, il braccio segreto del califfato mondiale saudita, gli amici alleati di Rothschild, 666, FMI, per distruggere Israele! ] La richiesta, di Al Zawahiri in un video postato su siti islamici. Il leader di al Qaida, Ayman al-Zawahiri, ha invitato … Continua a leggere

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UniusRei3 @ Mistafield: zacherymccann said: i totally agree. i beleive that the jews in general have tanked the world economy and started loads of conflict. almost of of the fed researve chairmans have all been jews. jews funed the holacasut. jews are doing a holacaust on palistine and gaza strip. @ Enlightened Jews-banking -> I do not will remember more: … Continua a leggere

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YouTube Rewind 2012 allDavidDuke allDavidDuke 1 secondo fa La Federal Reserve non risponde sui collaterali falsi. La pubblicazione dei titoli collaterali alla base di miliardarie speculazioni e truffe in borsa non ha avuto ancora alcuna risposta da parte delle Autorità finanziarie che sono state ripetutamente contattate per fornire chiarimenti sulla loro veridicità. In particolare, aspettiamo da oltre un mese una … Continua a leggere

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YouTube Rewind 2012 BrotherhoodUniversal BrotherhoodUniversal 2 hours ago [I am free will: “equal rights, equal duties for all, all over the planet, I am, the wonderful family of mankind”] Unius REI, mode policy, is not the enemy, of the erroneous conscience, men of truth, because God is free will, then, the teachings of Unius REI, do not have a political … Continua a leggere

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Bush, 666. CIA, Pharisees Anglo-American, Enlightened, unfortunates cursed murderers, Masonic system Bildenberg, YouTube Rewind 2012 BrotherhoodUniversal BrotherhoodUniversal 8 minutes ago @ IMF NWO FED, ECB, SpA, corporations, 322, OGM, aliens, A.I., DATAGATE, “big brother”, Bush, 666. CIA, Pharisees Anglo-American, Enlightened, unfortunates cursed murderers, the Masonic system Bildenberg, of all the false democracies,of : seigniorage banking stolen from the people — … Continua a leggere