827, Benjamin Netanyahu, Pharisees Anglo-Americans, IMF, Spa, religious maniacs, Talmud

@ Benjamin Netanyahu – 1. Pharisees Anglo-Americans IMF, Spa, are religious maniacs, the Talmud (for slaves goyim), and are mentally related, to the Salafis (for slaves dhimmi) 2. Then the Pharisees Anglo-Americans are not stupid, that, leave the power on all the world, DATAGATE, IMF-NWO, to come and live in the desert of Saudi Arabia, then, or, you make deadly … Continua a leggere

729, Benjamin Netanyahu, project, PHARISEES, wealth, materials, power, human, earthly, Paesi arabi del Golfo, legati all’Arabia Saudita,

257_282.[ @Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, OF PHARISEES]. already, more: it counts for these evil beings: they are, the, wealth, materials, power, human, earthly glory. [11]. The Adversary them satisfied, but, he demanded, in return, something very precious: the blood of the innocent. The Pharisee of. today, like, what, yesterday, it is believed, a being, enlightened, and, like, that, thinks, superior … Continua a leggere

608, Moschea o musalla poco cambia, operation in code, vow of extermination, Benjamin Netanyahu

[operation in code: “vow of extermination”] @ Benjamin Netanyahu – [this is war of survival, for the whole human race!] no! you have no trouble: to “kill in self-defense, is not a sin!” if, perhaps, your 80 atomic bombs, are not enough .. therefore, I has ordered, to China and Russia, to give to you: all atomic: of which you … Continua a leggere