874, 162, Kakam, Illuminati, rabbis, IMf, Spa, New World Order

Kakam Illuminati: the rabbis: of the IMF- New World Order: After the death of Joshua?: You have taken control: because: when Moses lived: you have sworn for do a secret association: this is how you have been plotting against the people! here is: why God wanted to destroy: all Israel, because of you .. but the will of God has … Continua a leggere

162, Ammonita, Moabita,

162 20/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]there is a good reason to: abandon large singular power points instead use a system of power being dispersed until the: multitude deem it be concentrated a natural´╗┐ flow of power. Two men have no more natural right to: exercise any kind of authority over one, than one has to: exercise the: same authority over two. A man’s … Continua a leggere