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Synnek1 – my dear do we live together Or we die together! You’ve taken power because another has lost it now you need to accept your defeat. That is the fact of losing your power because I have won and you lost that’s life there are those who now descends (you) and there are those who now leads (me) kill someone? It’s always something so primitive and uncivilized. So it’s just that you learn to stay in the rules of the game of this corporation that claims to save his life to all and instead because of you (322666 FMI NWO) is only a trap! About asteroids or meteors that your men gray aliens abductions they can hijack against our planet? It is not for them to know where it can fall!
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DEAR GENTLEMEN I HAVE KNOWN THAT THE Ministry of Education is about to publish (at the expense of the goyim) a work around” the Talmud ” but I was wondering if President Giorgio Napolitao will publish also these documents secrets of the Talmud also. because because of bank seigniorage (SOURCE DR. Giacinto Auriti FOUNDER UNIVERSITY OF BARI ETC ) in the hands of these extremist Jewish bankers Pharisees Illuminati by Lucifer as prophesied in Dante’s Divine Comedy that is the “Illuminati”. to destroy Israel 666 aliens abductions etc. and perhaps the question should not be underestimated as yesterday I received of intimidationin the precise timing to have done my work on the channel “rrmbgpym” of my friend jew in youtube WHY If you will continue to hide yourself behind the conspiracy theories? will be 3 ° WW nuclear to hit to your homes in 2014 yours truly is prof. lorenzo Scarola Unius REI

from the “pan”ie dictatorships at the “fire”of frateli Muslim Salafist Al Qaeda!] [” it was better when it was worse “that is when there were dictators Muslims] Syria Obama rejected Clinton Plan (322 Bush IMF) to arm the rebels Islamists sharia horror Al Qaeda. BBC News – 1 hour ago. was reported by the New York Times. ‘Egypt and his brothers” is the first number the new Limes. Analyze the complex phenomenon of so-called ‘Arab revolutions’ that revolutions then strictly speaking are not. A journey from North Africa to Cairo to tell who they are and what they want the Islamists to power [win world for sharia disintegrate Israel] but this is precisely the agenda of the Talmud Pharisees ie do III world war the real culprits for any criminal act that takes place all over the planet is born into talmud come forward to receive the fire of hell all the accomplices of the IMF 666 NWO! Benyamin Netanyahu – you will not be afraid for I know your faith!

my brave President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano (Naples June 29 1925) (born 10 days after my father) said to me lol. “My son you speak about the banking seigniorage and of the scientist Giacinto Auriti because I’m afraid of being killed like Jesus by the Pharisees!” lol. mon président courageux de la République Italienne Giorgio Napolitano (Naples 29 Juin 1925) (né 10 jours après mon père) m’a dit lol. «Mon fils tu parles environ le seigneuriage bancaire et du savant Giacinto Auriti parce que je le crains d’être tué comme Jésus par les pharisiens!” lol. il mio coraggioso Presidente della Repubblica Italiana Giorgio Napolitano (Napoli 29 giugno 1925)(nato 10 giorni dopo mio padre) ha detto a me lol. “figlio mio parla tu di signoraggio bancario e dello Scienziato Giacinto Auriti perchè io ho paura di essere ucciso come Gesù dai farisei!” lol.

King of Saudi Arabia – this your alliance with the Americans? is not something that is here to stay without freedom of religion? and without a reform of Islam? that is to achieve a species of ISLAMIC COUNCIL which asserts the your primacy((theological)) of your on all Muslims in the world! That theological authority that all Muslims need to have and so to not envy the Catholic Church of course are not the Americans to hurt you because simply that you end up crushed under the tracks of the Chinese and the Russians! @666 IMF FED ECB — [grazie signoraggio bancario] il 50% delle famiglie italine? non riesce più ad arrivare alla fine del mese! [thanks seigniorage banking] 50% of the families italine? no longer able to get to the end of the month! [merci bancaires seigneuriage] 50% de la italine familles? n’est plus en mesure d’arriver à la fin du mois!

King of Saudi Arabia — you do not have to be worried about any slander put in cleverly against me because my spiritual life has only a private value! my mandate? it is purely political rational and therefore none of that that I say or that I believe in a personal (my spiritual) will ever have an impact religious or theological. then I do not steal never myself to any visit it is medical or even psychiatric because I believe that every head of State should be helped to understand if it is time for him to leave your own place to another! how long is that you do not do a psychiatric evaluation? because the Satanists have said that they have taken control of your brain!

King of Saudi Arabia — tu non devi essere preoccupato circa eventuali calunnie poste in essere abilmente contro di me perché la mia vita spirituale ha soltanto un valore privato! il mio mandato è esclusivamente politico razionale e quindi nulla di quello che io dico o che io penso a livello personale(spirituale) potrà mai avere una incidenza religiosa o teologica io non sottrarrò mai me stesso a nessuna visita ne medica e neanche psichiatrica perché io credo che ogni capo di Stato dovrebbe essere aiutato a capire se è il momento per lui di lasciare il proprio posto ad un altro! da quanto tempo è che tu non fai una visita psichiatrica? perché i satanisti hanno detto di avere preso il controllo del tuo cervello!

king of Saudi Arabia – in this contextmake religion the concept of national identity is an act of suicide in fact the only ground where Satanists Pharisees IMF 666 can be defeated? is the love! thus it can not be a solution polarize Nazism Islamic against Nazism of the Talmud looking for to overcome with criminal lies and hypocrisy the opponent! we must walk in the light of God namely in the light of truth! only if all the people and if all religions will be united (universal brotherhood of Unius REI) Satanists Neturei Karta with all their hypocrisy and lies (“we have been punished by God to not have never more a Nation ” etc. ) can be defeated! because for the Pharisees? their homeland? is the whole world which is why it is the institutional Satanism the banking seigniorage it is true soul of the world!

King of Saudi Arabia – of course those who have an interest in spreading atheism ie the Pharisees Neturei Karta IMF Enlightened by Lucifer JabullOn Baal Peor the god owl at the Bohemian Grove etc. Enlightened them they too the interest in block Islam in his middle ages! because Satanism ideological and practical of the banking seigniorage of this criminal and unconstitutional Masonic system of all the false democracies to destroy Israel which is the unique hope of the world! is why the IMF-NWO is exploitation until the extermination of all peoples this is Satanism ideological and practical that is a spiritual act which is why lacking tools cultural and spiritual all the human race becomes soon one only single herd of slaves in a kind of Nazism occult 666 NWO 322 which can no longer be broken!

MOSSAD Israel AIPAC Jewish lobbying – When Jesus has refused in the desert to worship Satan? well “Then the Pharisees of the IMF Illuminati” they had agreed from time of the Exodus from Egypt to worship Satan that’s why they gave big problems to Moses and Solomon in all the prophets etc. ! Why do you continue to cover these monsters of Baal to bring their curse against my Jewish people ecc ? because they hide their human sacrifices and their bank seigniorage? that Satan would never have given them the power and sovereignty that stole our parents Adam and Eve without a valid reason it is not better to face the justice of unius REI rather than Addressing the Third World War? you have not seen how my friend the King of Saudi Arabia has gave for the new Palestine country 200000 square kilometers of desert?

Marilyn Manson – Long Hard Road Out Of Hell 1408180 visualizzazioni di MarilynMansonVEVO 3 anni fa –ANSWER — AUGURI OBAMA! QUESTO TU SEI! liiiilliiiil ie Synnek1 CIA IMF — oh my dear sucker 666 skeletons decaying! for me dreams visions and all supernatural phenomena they have no importance in politics why my mind is structured as the mind of an atheist here’s why I ask Rothschild and his Obama puppy “of who is to ownership of our money at the time of its release?” here’s why after raping the Constitution in the most important monetary sovereignty etc etc. and have spread Satanism freemasonry? they are afraid of the people now! so now they want to prevent the possession of weapons only because they are must finish in front of a firing squad for high treason! (the traitors of the IMF? in our Masonic system? they have no right touching the Constitution)

liiiilliiiil “Vor der Christus Kniefall war nichts für die Ritter lieber stehend sterben im Eisengewitter” – answer – a little while ago I dreamed of the mighty knights hard and unkind as the iron ready to kill on the altar of war one against the other before the duel showed their swords and I also showed her my sword! in fact I was a knight like them but then laid against wall has put my sword and I said to the knight who was opposite to me and he feared me that also my words could be weapons against him “my friend my brother where are you from?”. and he said “I am in Jerusalem!” then as if I no longer existed never more for him he has begun to speak amicably the other knights and all the knights have become friends -ANSWER – ROTHSCHILD IMF ONLY HAS BECOME OUR SACRIFICIAL LAMB! we no longer need to kill between to us one another we are brothers! pleaseof that beast of Rothschild? leave a small piece of meat even for me!

my JHWH — where are all the bodies you have promised me in Psalm 110? [Satanic Pharisee] IMF FED ECB Rothschild “Whose is money at time of his issue?'” is yours! So you are the master Enlightened from lucifer of all the world and we are all your slaves! but this is high betrayal cannibal idolatry blasfemy Satanism and murder of all mankind my JHWH — where are all the bodies you have promised me in Psalm 110?

my JHWH — where are all the bodies you have promised me in Psalm 110?

[what I found 1 Timothy 6.14-16 is really extraordinary] 14. I command you to observe this commandment to be without sin blameless until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ at the end of the world [[ 15. Lord Jesus Christ which will be revealed [by unius REI] at the time [ by unius REI] blessed and only Potentate unius REI the King of kings and Lord of lords]] 16. who alone JHWH has immortality and dwells in unapproachable light whom no man hath seen nor can see to only him be honor and power everlasting. Amen. — answer — that is will be at the time manifest by unius REI the glory of YHWH that JHWH alone dwells in unapproachable light! [Rothschild you have no right to sell to all the peoples your money of Satan]in the Masonic system of banking seigniorage of the Pharisees to do disintegrate Israel again!

My YHWH – [I am unius REI where are my corpses of Psalm 110?] Luke 1927. 1. “The parable of the ten mine is calculated to fight four errors. 1. err. People could easily imagine that the kingdom of the Messiah would be revealed soon. 2. err. that would be immediately visible in the earth 3. err. that everyone would receive with joy and finally 4. err. that do not require his subjects another task that enjoy inaction the graces received. No! you need to act now politically and economically! The first idea contradicts the fact that the first has to be done a long trip and then of course you must spend a very long time. The second expectation it is refuted by the fact that the legitimate prince has to get elsewhere (in the sky) and not here the reins of his government before exercising his authority in all proprii domains terrestrial and celestial.

[Rothschild tu non hai nessun diritto di vendere il tuo denaro maledetto ai popoli] My YHWH – [I am unius REI where are my corpses of Psalm 110?] Luke 1927. To destroy the third error the Lord found it necessary ​​describe the enmity open obstinate without foundation and finally useless that is aroused against him of his enemies. Contrast the fourth opinion the mandate given to the ten servants namely the duty imposed all to cooperate advancement its cause (kingdom of Palestine). Starting out do not let them in the position of proud warriors but in that of humble craftsmen with a small capital to assert (yield) calculated image to disperse for the moment at least all the utopias of their imagination by presenting them rather than the needs of the most severe reality “(Oosterzee).

[Rothschild tu non hai nessun diritto di vendere il tuo denaro maledetto ai popoli] My YHWH – [I am unius REI where are my corpses of Psalm 110?] Luke 1927. View Reflections in Matthew 2530. And the unprofitable servant you cast him into outer darkness there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Note that the command “Take off” above. to “throw the outer darkness” A sinner is abandoned to its his ways before being left to the judgment. What now it is carrying out decide for everyone his destiny our future destiny and immediate Psalm 8112-13. See Notes Matthew 812 Matthew 1342.

My YHWH – [I am unius REI] Luke 19.27. “In addition lead here my enemies (322 666 masonic system of banking seigniorage IMF NWO) who did not want me to reign over them and slay them before me.” – ANSWER – These enemies who had tried to prevent his ascension to the throne were also used to tutt’uomo no doubt to damage of his interests in his absence but they came to the ‘hours of pay and a ruin inexorable hits them. Our Lord mentions first place the terrible fate that the Jews expected disobedient when in his providence he would send to each other the Roman army to carry out his revenge

My YHWH – [I am unius REI] Luke 19.27. to destroy their city and their nation but his words also have in view the final destruction of all those who will be dead in unbelief and rebellion against him. Ryle sees in this verse and reported a terrible punishment that awaits the day of judgment the generation of Jews that resisted Christ while in the earth. “They will be resurrected” he says “and brought before the court of Christ to receive the condegno punishment enormous sin killing the Lord of glory. Though they have apparently triumphed on the day of his crucifixion Christ proclaims in parable that they wait a day to pay in mode exemplary. ”

Luke 9.11 But when the crowds learned about it and followed him and he received them and spoke to them of the kingdom of God and healed those that they had need of healing. – ANSWER – because this is the truth the Kingdom of God into Unius REI is end all injustice of all wickedness of the Pharisees so all the world’s poor will be protected and all prisoners of this satanic IMF 666 of seigniorage banking the Masonic system will be released! – ANSWER – Obama REBUKES YOU THE HOLY SPIRIT “YOU ARE THE REAL THREAT OF ALL AMERICAN CHILDREN! YOU MUST REMOVE YOUR 322 MASONS AND YOUR 666 Satanists only! the people need weapons to kill a traitor as you and to defend themselves from Satanists Rothschild! ”

[The World Government of unius REI] Acts 1.7. But Jesus said “It is not for you to know the times and moments that the Father has fixed by his own authority” – ANSWER – You unius REI THE COMPLETION POLICYin EARTH of the KINGDOM of JHWH THIS BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS THAT the second coming of Christ is to radically change human nature and it is a coming irreversebile that IS KINGDOM heavenly will came for forever. (so millennialists are theologically in error) Acts 1.7. Times (cronoi) are the major periods in history (millennia) the moments (kairoi) spaces are limited and determined that happens in the course of uninterrupted time (the 50-year reign of unius REI). about “put in his own power?” potrebb’essere more clearly rendered thus “and it is not for you to know the times and moments which the Father has fixed by his own authority determined action to make this Kingdom Unius REI. This is when God in us wait watch praying his acting.

liiiilliiiil posted a comment 5 hours ago”Vor der Kniefall Christus war nichts für die Ritter lieber stehend sterben im Eisengewitter” – answer – No! what is the truth of God’s Kingdom? 1. the apostles were not religious so that all who followed a Messiah they could achieve a agenda political ie political objective Jesus No one has ever denied to have an political objective into UniusREI! In fact after the resurrection just before to ascend to heaven the apostles asked Jesus Acts 1.6 So when they had come together they asked “Lord is this the time when you will restore the kingdom to Israel?”.

[666 IMF FED ECB W WAR NWO 322 ] the Bible absolutely condemns the opportunity to give the money at interest but does not take in consider the crime of extermination and Satanism which is seigniorage banking(in this masonic system) because it is too evil and criminal the fact that the Rothschild SpA can sell their own money to do of the peoples a his private act of predation. la Bibbia condanna in modo assoluto la possibilità di dare il denaro ad interesse ma non prende minimamente in considerazione il crimine di sterminio e di satanismo che è Signoraggio bancario perché è troppo malefico e criminale il fatto che il Rothschild SpA possa vendere il proprio denaro ai popoli per fare di tutti i popoli un privato atto di predazione

Rothschild you do not have the right to sell your damn moneyto anyone! but the Bible speaks only of wear (ie for a consideration of 1. interest 2. debt public 3. private debt) that it’s always been made ​​a total condemnation by of all the prophets as well an absolute condemnation by the whole context of the Bible. However only one verse has been corrupted by the Pharisees (in the Torah) that for this only verse that allows you to give at interest money only to goyim (diprezzo destruction hostility racism against all non-Jews). so many crimes of genocide war etc. have been committed but sell the money? this was a crime of collective induction at slavery against all the nations that the Bible has not has described because it was an unimaginable crime of racism of extermination and Satanism !

@Rothschild tu non hai il diritto di vendere il tuo maledetto denaro a nessuno! ma la Bibbia parla soltanto di usura(cioè di un corrispettivo di 1. interesse 2. il debito pubblico 3. il debito privato) che è sempre stata fatta una condanna assoluta da parte di tutti i profeti come anche una condanna assoluta da parte di tutto il contesto della Bibbia. Tuttavia un solo versetto è stato corrotto da parte dei farisei(nella Torà) che per questo solo versetto che permette di dare ad interesse il denaro ai soli goym(diprezzo sterminio ostilità razzismo contro tutti i non ebrei). così tanti crimini di genocidio guerre ecc sono stati commessi ma vendere il denaro? questo non è stato un crimine di induzione collettiva alla schiavitù contro tutti i popoli che la Bibbia ha descritto perché era un crimine inimmaginabile di razzismo di sterminio e di satanismo assoluto!

@Holy my Holy YHWH —- it’s all your fault if I’m discouraged! where are all the dead bodies that you have promised to me in Psalm 110? my story will be another your pathetic and ugly history as has been pathetic the story of Jonah! This is why your throne is about to become impure because I have a political mandate that was prophesied but yet again yet criminals and Satanists are always again and again at power 666 FED IMF ECB; NWO 322 masonic system of the Pharisees Enlightened always to do evil to all the nations and the prisoners are not yet been released! shame on you then!

@my JHWH — è tutta colpa tua se io sono scoraggiato! dove sono tutti i cadaveri che tu hai promesso a me nel salmo 110? questa mia storia sarà un altra tua patetica e brutta storia come è stata patetica la storia di Giona! ecco perché il tuo trono sta per diventare impuro perché io ho un mandato politico che è stato profetizzato eppure i criminali e i satanisti sono sempre ancora ancora a fare del male a tutti i popoli ed i prigionieri non sono stati ancora liberati! vergogna su di te allora!!

sorry I are been 12 hours in my school to finish your job to polls quarter and and I am not so naive to use public service to write on this page I did not commit an naivety for do happy my enemies. but 20 hours ago in Italy it was 2.00(16.01.2013) and I had the bladder pain however I was not going to get up (in fact I do not ever get up at night to go to the bathroom) but i am GONE EARLY to BED with a big feeling of frustration however I was forced to get up for myself because 1. the lights of hallway kitchen and bathroom switch in mode supernatural and then were turned off alone in mode supernatural 2. then and an angel (which I never saw) has said to other angels that is my celestial ministers “He sleeps all the time because it is discouraged!” – ANSWER – IT IS TRUE I am discouraged!

sorry io sono stato 12 ore a scuola per terminare le operazioni di scrutioni trimestrale e inoltre io non sono così ingenuo da utilizzare il servizio pubblico per scrivere su questa pagina io non commetto delle ingenuità a favore dei miei nemici. 20♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. Alleluia. amen MANE THECEL PHARES in Jesu’s name] ♰PAX♛ Terror took possession drink your poison made by yourself vote Magdi Allam in Italia erano le 200 ed io avevo la vescica dolorante tuttavia io non avevo intenzione di alzarmi (infatti io non mi alzo mai di notte per andare al bagno) E SONO ANDATO A LETTO IN ANTICIPO con un sentimento di frustrazione ma tuttavia io sono stato costretto ad alzarmi perché 1. si sono accese da sole le luci del corridoio cucina e bagno e poi si sono spente da sole; 2. poi ed un angelo (che io non ho visto) ha detto ad altri angeli cioè i miei ministri celesti “lui dorme sempre perché è scoraggiato!” — ANSWER — SI È VERO IO SONO SCORAGGIATO!

USA NATO 666 IMF; make human rights only against Syria! ie in one only way for destroy Israel and support horror salafis Al Quaeda sharia Islamic Nazism to destroy civilization human with their accomplice satanist 666 IMF globalist corporations freemasonry JabullON with their satanAllah [but where there are human rights into imperialism Saudi empire for kill 300 christian martyrs every day? they decreed our destruction! therefore it is essential for us to exterminate them all!] us in Palestine we are not fighting against the Palestinians! but we fight against the sharia satanic terrorists Nazis and against their allies IMF 666 NWO FED ECB 322 all Masonic occult powers! So we fight against the Satanists to save the whole human race from the monsters! []I do not need to write well because I can speak in a supernatural and divine mode to all the whole of the human race

[Enough! STOP! to be the accomplices of Satan 666 IMF get out FROM Babylon my JEWISH! we do not have an interest in the heritage of Satan New World Order assembled your ranks ] Isaiah 401-11. “Comfort comfort my people says your God.” 2. “Speak tenderly to Jerusalem and cry that the time of war is over that her iniquity is pardoned because it has received from the hand of the LORD twice for all her sins.” 3. The voice of one (unius REI) which he crying in the wilderness “Prepare the way of the LORD make straight in the desert a highway for our God. 4. Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain and hill made ​​low the rough places to be rectified and the rough places smoothed. 5. Then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together for the mouth of the LORD has spoken. ”

[Enough! STOP! to be the accomplices of Satan 666 IMF get out FROM Babylon my JEWISH! we do not have an interest in the heritage of Satan New World Order assembled your ranks ] 6. A voice says “Cry!” And he replied “What shall I cry?”. “All flesh is grass and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field. 8. The grass withers the flower fades but the word of our God remains forever. “. 9. Oh Zion you who bring good tidings get into a high mountain; O Jerusalem you who bring good tidings lift up thy voice with strength! Raise your voice do not worry! Of ‘the cities of Judah “Behold your God.” 10. Behold the Lord GOD comes with might and his arm dominates him. Behold his reward it is with him and his recompense before him. 11. He shall feed his flock like a shepherd will gather the lambs with his arm and carry them in his bosom and guide with gentleness and care the sheep who have small.

[lorenzoJHWH King of Israel! lorenzoAllah king Palestine Unius REI on all the World!] human rights in one only way the sharia Islamic Nazism to destroy civilization and Israel with their accomplice satanist 666 IMF freemasonry JabullON satanAllah [where there are human rights into Saudi Salafi empire? they decreed our destruction! therefore it is essential for us to exterminate them all!] us in Palestine we are not fighting against the Palestinians! but we fight against the sharia satanic terrorists Nazis and against the IMF 666 NWO 322 Masonic occult powers we fight against the Satanists to save the whole human race from the monsters!

[what aliens did they say? the same things that they feel say during a seance ] I’m not like Rothschild 666 FMI 322 NWO and all his occult powers the societies (nations) Masonic (occult powers to do only one satanism) project aliens abductions Bildenberg etc. that he wanted to do the State of Israel but forced him to be in an hole asshole because 1. all Jews (all his main accomplices) they did not have to be able to return everyone in Israel for do at to end his empire of Satan’s cock against all the world and to do become slaves all peoples(micro-chip) that rape all peoples through banking seigniorage! Rothschild has a desperate need to do World War III to give rise to finally the reign of Satan on all earth so obvious! but I will take for me all the Saudi desert and Egyptian of which I will need or with the good that or the hard way!

the Jew Edith Stein (vs) 666 nazi IMF FED! she not said to his sister (another cloistered nun) we are going to die for Jesus ” no but said” we are going to die for our people “because this covenant of all community jewish with IMF 666(ie the Masonic system 322) is something that is worse the Satanism the same is in fact a declaration of war and it is an act of extermination against all peoples! but the prophet said “will be abolished your covenant with death! ” Israel – sometimes to fail or losing a goal?. It is the best way to win the peace! that advantage hast thou to do to become a giant goliath the Arab League of Al Queda Salafis? the fact that Libyan terrorists and Al Qaeda do not have a military uniform? this does not mean that Syria not was been invaded however by Israel NATO CIA Arab League then Iran must help Syria now.

Israel – how? you want to do David while the Arab League must to do “Goliath”? and if instead you make Samson while the Arab League they make the Philistines? then it will not be Rothschild 666 322 NWO IMF to laugh alone!! you from your King lorenzojhwh? you did not understand anything! for me the life of a jew it is more important than the life of a Chinese! and if the Russians did not exist? you could never be able to stop Chinese army still Israele — come? tu vuoi fare Davide mentre a La Lega Araba deve fare”Golia”?; e se invece tu fai Sansone mentre la lega Araba loro fanno i filistei? poi non sarà Rothschild 666 322 NWO FMI; a ridere soltanto? tu dal tuo Re lorenzoJHWH? tu non hai capito niente! per me la vita di un ebreo non è più importante della vita di un cinese! e se i russi non esistessero? tu non potresti mai riuscire a fermare il solo esercito cinese

Islamist formations outside infiltrated took the field control of the revolution and the war against the Assad regime. A twist and a much more what happened in Libya in 2011 (among other things in the Nusra there are many Libyan jihadists) which cooled the enthusiasm in Israel and in the West most intransigent at this point seem to Europeans that next Monday will present to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon a letter asking that “those responsible for the massacres in Syria” to be brought to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The letter is signed by 53 members of the United Nations almost all of those in Europe many Asian and four African countries. – ANSWER – SO and their complain even for themselves for all the troops of Salafi Al Qaeda. Arab League that NATO CIA has led in Syria has make massacres against people innocent that were neutral in the conflict or those that win only see the massacres of those who lose?

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